Upon your arrival at The Terminal, your vision will immediately be brought to the shape of the restaurant.

The main attraction or the main feature of the restaurant is a dining table that shaped like a plane wing!

IMG_5622 copy

Not only that, in fact the kitchens, the ordering areas, the coffee machine, etc. are located within the wing itself.

Why such design for our restaurant?

The Terminal is located within the Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC) so we won’t want a plain and boring design to feature our restaurant.

To go along with the aviation theme, we have engaged an Italian Designer & Architect to design our restaurant. After much deliberation and countless meetings, we have agreed the design of a plane wing for the restaurant best suit our theme given where we are located.

You will also realise our restaurant do not have a boring ceiling too!

To avoid any futuristic looking and soften the look of the restaurant, we have decided to replicate the design of the plane wing but have it made in wooden materials to remind our childhood back in those days where we played with planes which made of wooden materials. Talk about reminiscing our fondest childhood memories!